The week's events

  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Sausage Biscuit or Cereal , Toast
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Texas Basket (JH, HS) Hamburger offered w/ Oven Fries and Garnish
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Breakfast Boat or PB&J
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Tex-Mex Stack (JH, HS) Chicken Fajitas
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Calzone (EL, JH, HS) offered w/ Marinera (JH, HS) Chicken Alfredo offered w/ Breadsticks
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Chicken-n-Waffles or Cereal, Toast
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Grilled Cheese (EL, JH, HS) offered w/ Chips (JH, HS) Country Pot Pie
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Pancakes , Sausage or Cereal Bar , Yogurt
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Dutch Waffle, Bacon or Cereal , Toast
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Eagle Bowl (EL, JH, HS) offered w/ Hot Roll (JH, HS) Roast Beef Sandwich offered w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy