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Bienvenidos a Sanford-Fritch High School; hogar de las Ɓguilas. Welcome to Sanford-Fritch High School; Home of the Eagles. I have taught language at the secondary level for 20 years. I also have experience teaching elementary students, college students and others through community education classes. I love what I do and am passionate about foreign languages. I come from a traveling family and it is through my travels that I have acquired a love for other languages. We are very fortunate in Texas because we border a Spanish speaking country and can use our newly learned language on a daily basis. I hope you will join me in my excitement and learn another language or two!

Educational Background and Experience

Putnam City High School, Oklahoma City, OK
University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Contact Information

PO Box 1290
Fritch TX, 79036

Phone 806-857-3121
Fax: 806-857-9147


Conference: 2:52 – 3:40



1st Span I
8:00 – 8:48
 2nd Span I
8:52 – 9:40
 3rd Span III
9:48 – 10:36
 4th Span I 10:40 – 11:28
 5th Span I
11:32 – 12:20
 Lunch   12:20 – 1:04
 6th Span II H
1:08 – 1:56
 7th UIL 2:00 – 2:48
 8th Conference 2:52 – 3:40
 Tutorials   3:44 – 4:15

Educational Background and Experience


Spanish Alphabet Sounds
More Practice (flashcards, numbers, verbs, sounds,etc.)
Spanish Dictionary
Spanish Grammar and Practice