SFISD 2018-19 Calendar Text Version

Sanford-Fritch ISD 2018-19 Calendar
SFISD Board Approval: January 11, 2018


10th    New Employee Orientation
13th    Professional Development
14th    Professional Development
15th    Professional Development
16th    Workday / Meet the Teacher
17th    Professional Development
20th    Workday
21st    Begin 1st Six‐weeks


3rd      No School
28th    End 1st Six‐weeks


1st    Begin 2nd Six‐weeks
8th    No School


9th      End 2nd Six‐weeks  
12th    Begin 3rd Six‐weeks  
19th    No School
20th    No School
21st    No School
22nd   No School
23rd    No School


3rd STAAR Assessment
4th STAAR Assessment
5th STAAR Assessment
6th STAAR Assessment
7th STAAR Assessment
20th End 3rd Six‐weeks / 1st Semester
21st Staff Workday
24th No School
25th No School
26th No School
27th No School
28th No School
29th No School
30th No School
31st No School


1st    No School
2nd    No School
3rd    No School
4th    No School
7th    Begin 4th Six‐weeks  
14th    Professional Development


15th    End 4th Six‐weeks
18th    No School
19th    Begin 5th Six‐weeks


1st Workday
11th No School
12th No School
13th No School
14th No School
15th No School


5th End 5th Six‐weeks
8th Begin 6th Six‐weeks
9th STAAR Assessment
10th STAAR Assessment
11th STAAR Assessment
12th STAAR Assessment
19th Inclement Weather Day
20th Inclement Weather Day


7th STAAR Assessment
8th STAAR Assessment
9th STAAR Assessment
10th STAAR Assessment
13th STAAR Assessment
14th STAAR Assessment
15th STAAR Assessment
16th STAAR Assessment
17th STAAR Assessment
23rd End 6th Six‐weeks / 2nd Semester
24th Workday / Graduation


24th    STAAR Assessment
25th    STAAR Assessment
26th    STAAR Assessment
27th    STAAR Assessment
28th    STAAR Assessment


No days

Days and Minutes Per Grading Cycle

First Semester Days and Minutes
Grading Period Days Minutes
1st Six Weeks 28 12,880
2nd Six Weeks 29 13,340
3rd Six Weeks 24 11,040
1st Semester 82 37,260
Second Semester Days and Minutes
Grading Period Days Minutes
4th Six Weeks 29 13,340
5th Six Weeks 28 12,880
6th Six Weeks 32 14,720
2st Semester 89 40,940
Student total days: 171
Student total minues: 78,200
TEA required: 75,600

Teacher Totals

Staff development 9 days
Teacher total 180 days

Addresses and Misc.

Sanford-Fritch ISD
A TEA District of Innovation

540 Eagle Blvd.
Fritch, Texas 79036
Office: (806) 397‐0159
Fax: (806) 397‐0629
Email: eagles@sfisd.net
Website: www.sfisd.net
Twitter: @SFISD
Facebook: Sanford‐Fritch ISD
Remind Messaging:  
Text: sfisdadmin To: 81010