The week's events

  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Country Fried Streak offered w/ Gravy (JH, HS) S-F Meatloaf
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Enchiladas (JH, HS) Meat and Cheese Chalupas
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Hamburger offered w/ Garnish (JH, HS) Chicken Tenders offered w/ Gravy, Texas Toast
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Chicken Spaghetti offered w/ Breadstick (JH, HS) Pizza
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) BBQ on a Bun (JH, HS) Fish Filet offered w/ Mac & Cheese