The week's events

  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Chicken-n-Biscuit or Cereal Bar, Yogurt
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Meatball Sub offered w/ Potato Rounds (JH, HS) Chili Cheese Combo
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Biscuit, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon or Cereal, Toast
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Chicken Nuggets offered w/ Mac & Cheese and Savory Green Beans (JH, HS) Asian Stir Fry offered w/ Flatbread
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Pancake Wrap , Yogurt or Cereal Bar , Yogurt
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Pizza offered w/ Seasoned Cord (JH, HS) Fiesta Bowl
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Cinnamon Roll, Sausage or Cereal , Toast
    (PK, EL, JH, HS) Frito Pie offered w/ Garnish (JH, HS) Hamburger