The week's events

  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Corn Dog offered w/ Tater Tots (JH, HS) Chicken Strips offered w/ Broccoli & Roll
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Nachos Grande offered w/ Refried Beans, Salsa, & Garnish (JH, HS) Soft Tacos
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) X-Treme Burrito offered w/ Seasoned Cord, Salsa, & Garnish (JH, HS) Chicken Sandwich offered w/ Oven Fries
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Orange Chicken offered w/ Eggroll (JH, HS) Salisbury Steak Offered w/ Roasted Posatoes,Gravy & Biscuit
  • (PK, EL, JH, HS) Ham and Cheese Melt (HS) offered w/ WG Chips (JH, HS) Pizza