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Dear Eagle Band Member,

Welcome to the greatest musical family ever. This is going to be a great year for us. I hope that you will come into the Eagle Band with very high standards for yourself. I also want you to set some realistic goals for yourself as well as the band. I believe that you folks are capable of creating the best year ever for the Eagle Band.

We have many great traditions. I know that you will want to continue to be the one of the best bands in Texas. To do this, each of you will have to make a commitment to be the very best. "No one ever won anything worthwhile without fighting for it: whether it’s creating a successful car or achieving a world class championship. The commitment to be the best makes the difference. "

Someone once said, "You have to pay the price if you want to be the best." I disagree: you enjoy the price of success and you pay the price for failure. Be sure that you have a good time and enjoy all the great experiences you are about to have.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. It overcomes discouragement and gets things done. It is the magic quality. And the remarkable thing is, it is contagious.

I can't wait for this year to start. Being the band director at Sanford Fritch is the greatest experience and honor possible. I love it!

Dedicated to your success,


Anthony Lucas